Cucumber Infused Water

Cucumber Infused Water

This recipe is perfect for keeping your body hydrated in both summer and winter. The humble cucumber is a well-known for its detoxifying properties and will give you a mineral boost throughout the day. The sliced lemon adds a healthy dose of Vitamin C and the spicy ginger will boost your metabolism.

cucumber infused water recipes

Cucumber and Ginger Spiced Water


1 small cucumber

    1 lemon

      3-4 ¼-inch thick ginger pieces

        water to fill your Young and More bottle


          Thoroughly wash your cucumber and lemon. If you’re not using an organic cucumber and you’re worried about pesticides from the skin, feel free to peel the cucumber before slicing it.

            Slice the cucumber and lemon into thick slices.

              Add the sliced cucumber and lemon to your Young and More water infusing bottle along with the ginger pieces.

                Fill your bottle with cold water, let it infuse for a few hours in the fridge and enjoy!

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