Infused Water On The Go With Young & More

The Young and More Fruit Infused Water Bottle is creating a health revolution with a 24 oz travel size tumbler to take the refreshing, natural beverage on the go. The infused water bottle is the perfect way to add healthy flavor to plain water, creating a delicious and nutritious alternative to sodas and juices.


Health enthusiasts will fall in love with this handy water bottle that instantly turns bland water into flavorful creations by simply adding fruits. Using plain filtered water, infused water is made by adding citrus, berries, watermelon or any fruit in season just shake well and drink. Vegetables and herbs may also be added to create different flavors.

The bottle is equipped with a strainer and removable water infuser cage to ensure maximum flavor will be released into the drink. Infusing your water with fruits, herbs, or vegetables not only improves the taste, but does a lot more than just quenching your thirst. As you sip the delicious drink you created, you can enjoy the peace of mind of drinking a natural beverage enriched with nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.

The water and the added fruits and vegetables work together to cleanse your body of toxic buildup, boosting the immune system to remove any toxins that may be affecting the body’s functions. Just like plain water, it rehydrates the cells in the body to ensure that they are working at optimum performance to prevent problems such as headaches, digestive problems, obesity and joint pain linked to dehydration.

Young and More Fruit Infused Water Bottle comes with a bonus travel bag to carry your refreshing drink to the gym, for a walk in the park or during travel. With the convenience of an infused water bottle, you can have this flavorful beverage anywhere, anytime, and enjoy the natural health benefits of fruits, vegetables and herbs.