New Infused Water Bottles Are Released on Amazon by Young & More

Oct 10 2014

Company: Oneteus LLC



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About the company:

Oneteus LLC is a trusted seller in which has a track record of selling only high quality products that are for home and kitchen use.

New Infused Water Bottles Are Released on Amazon by Young & More

The newest products for infused water bottles have been released by Young & More at The company reveals about the features and benefits of the fruit infused water bottle. This product is associated with important details that the customers may seek for when visiting

People need to know the products that can help them achieve a clean, healthy body from within. Many individuals from different parts of the world experience dehydration and there are safe and natural ways to stay hydrated all the time. The most ideal one is by drinking infused water which is full of benefits for the body. Young & More have recently introduced its infused water bottle by launching it on Amazon.

The most obvious advantages of infused water include rehydration, appetite control, and immune defense, adds essential nutrients in the body, boosts energy, and prevents heartburn, weight management and blood sugar regulation. Some of the benefits of using this product creates a healthy and tasty beverage, and very easy to use. For individuals who availed the product, they will receive a free Jute Bag. Plus, there will be a ninety-day money back guarantee. In terms of safety, this bottle has been made BPA-free to ensure maximum health and safety all the time. It only measures 2.8 inches by 2.8 inches x 9.6 inches and weighs 8 ounces.

These infused water bottle have been developed with the aim of helping the people achieve and maintain good health through drinking infused water. The company understands that the common problems of the people across the globe include several health conditions. At the same time, the developer of this product wants to ensure that the users will feel great convenience while using it.

Young & More is one of the brands of which is the company behind these innovations. Oneteus LLC is a new company established in 2014. It has been developed by entrepreneurs who are united in a goal of providing optimum health, great outdoor activity experience and convenient traveling. Every brand is designed for specific aspects to focus on the concerns of the people from all walks of life.


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