Young and More take on the challenge of Lowering Coffee and soda intake in America

Nov 20 2014

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Oneteus LLC is a trusted seller in which has a track record of selling only high quality products that are for home and kitchen use. 

Young and More take on the challenge of Lowering Coffee and soda intake in America

Too much soda and caffeine intake can have a negative effect on the body such as nervousness, insomnia and diabetes. Soda and coffee are also not seen as a healthy thirst quencher by health professionals. One of the safest and best ways to quench thirst and to keep the body’s energy up is by drinking water. With infused water however there are added benefits as the body gets the various nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that are used.

To help individuals cut back on coffee and soda and begin a healthy lifestyle, Young and More now manufactures Water Infuser Bottles that enable people to drink flavored water by adding any fruit of choice to the infuser capsule and water to the bottle. The Water Infuser Bottle is BPA free, thus safe for individuals and the environment. The Water Bottle Infuser is also considered to be easy to use and durable. Additionally the Water Infuser Bottle is leak-proof, making it easy and safe to put in a purse or gym bag.


The Water Infuser Bottle has been receiving great reviews from customers and has a five star rating on A few consumers have raved about the product. Amanda Rabbitt is one of those customers, stating that “I received my Infuser water bottle yesterday and I was so amazed. I have been saying for some time now I need to get off of sodas and drink more water (everybody said that’s the first step in drinking water) after a while water taste pretty plain and my husband hates water… Well we made up our first drink when it came in with lemons , strawberry’s and blueberry’s ( odd combo but my daughters really enjoyed help making it) and I was shocked it was very good between us all tasting it including my husband who says EWW water I’m not drinking that it was gone right away. Of course all night they drank all different kind of mixtures…”

The water infuser bottle can be bought on Amazon and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee plus a free bonus Jute bag.