Young & More Introduces Its New Product Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Oct 16 2014

Company: Oneteus LLC



Contact Numbers: 1 866 594 7088

Company Address: 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #5358 Las Vegas, Nevada 89107 USA

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About the company:

Oneteus LLC is a trusted seller in which has a track record of selling only high quality products that are for home and kitchen use.

Young & More Introduces Its New Product Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Young & More has released its newest product named Fruit Infused Water Bottle at The benefits of the product are elaborated by its developers to call the attention of the people from various parts of the world to make great changes in their drinking water habits.

Infused water is one of the highly recommended ways to live a healthy body without compromising other essential factors. It is an ideal and refreshing thirst quencher which people of all ages love to. Through this bottle, they can make infused water for their daily needs. There are various ways to enjoy healthy flavors using this infused water bottle. They can make their own infused water recipes that will complete the nutrients that the body needs. The body needs infused water to obtain essential vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy and strong.

This fruit infused water bottle is an ideal of adding cool, healthy flavors to the drink. It is BPA-free, convenient for travel, dishwasher safe, and backed with a 90-day money-back guarantee. For the customers who availed the product immediately, they will receive a bonus travel bag. Customers can start taking the process to a healthy lifestyle without spending great amount of money. This bottle has been released by Young & More which is one of the brands of Oneteus LLC.

These infused water bottles have been developed to give a safe, healthy and easy way of drinking infused water. Young & More is the brand tailored to the college students’ needs. It aims to offer products that can add ease and convenient to college life while incorporating interesting ideas to stay healthy.

Oneteus LLC is the company that works behind these fruit infused water bottles. It does not compromise integrity for its success. It is comprised of a team of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to sharing ideas about outdoor activities, traveling and good health. The company constantly adds and tests new products to give a colorful outdoor experience.


To get further details about the products, visit or check out to know more about the company. If there are questions, feel free to contact them via email at or call at 1 866 594 7088.